Hyde Global Education

Hyde Global Education is based in London, focusing on the application of top private schools in the UK and providing with outstanding tuition service. Our consultant team and tutor team have been studying, working and living in the UK for a long time. They are familiar with the admission requirements of  top private schools and UK curriculum system. The senior advisory team includes former housemaster and principals of top private schools in the UK. We have served thousands of families from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Northern America, Europe and the United Kingdom. We have helped many students successfully get offers Eton, Harrow, Westminster and also St Paul's, Winchester, Tonbridge, Rugby and many other top schools. In 2019, we set up an office in Shanghai. Currently we can provide students with convenient test conditions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and London.

In terms of tutoring, we provide student with entrance exam training for major private schools in the UK. Our tutors can also help with different subjects including English language, English literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Economics, etc., for students who are already studying in the UK. Students can not only improve their English and academic abilities through tuition, but also develop the habits of happy learning, independent research, and critical thinking skills. 

We also provide guardianship services for students under 18 years old. After students come to the UK, we as education guardian, look after students on behalf of their parents and work as a bridge between family and school. For example, we help tracking students' studies and lives at schools,  participating in parent meetings, interpreting school reports,  arranging homestay, transports during holidays, and are available 24/7 for any emergencies. 

Hyde Global Education has been well recognised  in the industry with good reputation. We are English UK Partner Agency, The Tutors' Association (TTA) Corporate member, and a certified member of the British Boarding Schools Network (BBSN). 

iCloud UK Prep School is our newly launched online project towards overseas families. We provide distance learning opportunities for students aged 5-13 from all over the world who are keen to learn British curriculum. The iCloud UK Prep School is headed by Mr. James Hanson, the former Principal of Aldro School.  We provide small group lessons, one-on-one tutors, life skills training, group projects, extracurricular clubs, guest speeches, and effective school assessments for our students.