G5 and other university applications

We help students to successfully apply for higher education institutions such as  G5 in terms of academic tuition application plan, background improvement, paperwork and interview training. Our tutors team uses first-hand resources to help students greatly enhance their competitiveness in the fierce college applications and win admissions to prestigious universities.

G5 and Russell university group

The G5 is a grouping of five English public research universities that was established in early 2004. The members are Imperial College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and University College London.

The Russell Group is a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. The group is headquartered in Cambridge and was established in 1994 to represent its members' interests, principally to government and parliament. It was incorporated in 2007.Its members are sometimes perceived as being the most prestigious universities in the country, although the accuracy of this is disputed

What can we do?

Discuss your options with one of our education consultants. We help you select the best courses at the best universities based on your academic background.

We help you gather all the documents you need to apply. We will check if everything is accurate and ready for your application.

We fill in your application form and do everything for you within a day so you can just sit back and relax while waiting for your offer. We also make sure if you need to do a pre-sessional English course before your degree course and apply for that with you as well.

We provide targeted interview counselling courses for applicants. Our professional tutors provide meticulous feedback and suggestions on the interview situation of different students, helping to improve student's confidence to cope with the tight pace of academic interviews. We can provide extra-curricular tutoring for different majors to help students improve their grades. 

Choose us

√  Based in London, we have an in-depth knowledge of British education

√  Professional teachers who put students interests first

√  Good connections with renowned UK schools and strong track records

√  Tailored school plans and training that suits individual's needs

√  Authorised school test centres offering convenience for overseas families