Curriculum and lessons design 

We are passionate educators who help design a curriculum for the individual to meet their specific needs. So our academy looks very carefully at the student upon entry to help determine the right pathway and programme to suit their needs and goals. 


We have a small maximum class size (2-6)to ensure the academic quality of our teaching, and also the chance for every student to flourish within the group. 

Our highly experienced team of mentors offer academic guidance, support for independent learning, timetable arrangementliaison with tutors for guidance and feedback consultancy, liaising with tutors and clients.

Alongside development of independent learning, we build up the 5 C’s of global life-readiness: collaboration, communication, creativity, citizenship and critical thinking throughout our teaching, mentoring and academy experience. 

Tutors design academic projects, challenges, competitions and coursework which allow pupils to collaborate with each other to submit their entries

We fully expect all of our students to pick at least one major activity to complement their academic learning from those we offer: School newspaper; Music club; Book Club; Debate Club; Film Club; Art Club. 

What sets us apart from other online school offerings is that we bring our student group together for talks and guidance from really engaging and inspirational speakers each term.

We believe regular and easily understandable feedback on progress is essential for all students. They have an assessment after enrolment, combined with progress assessment at the end of each term, and feedback given via weekly reports (which cover four main areas: motivation / effort, confidence, progression and academic ability). 

How you enrol with us?

For the best benefits of online school attendance, we expect students to enrol for a whole year, but will accept students for a term as a minimum. Many of our students will enrol for several years as they progress through the prep school years, and then embark on future education in a UK school or continue alongside their high school studies. 

What are the benefits of Online School learning?

We offer the ideal blend of the best of the UK curriculum for learning with outstanding teachers, all delivered online, so students can study from home, in their own time.

Ø  Hyde Academy has a team of tutors who have worked together for 7 years, so are fully established within the Hyde family, highly experienced at teaching online and experts at the UK curriculum. They are employed to teach at full capacity as we know any school needs to have a consistent and reliable team, not made up from tutors who teach a few students at many different schools or organisations.

Ø We are a very dedicated team who want to offer not just outstanding teaching of the UK curriculum, but a family-feel that means every student becomes well-known and understood. This team is ready to work alongside our students and families for many years to help them achieve their goals and journey together.  

Ø  The UK curriculum is an exceptional offering of subjects that is highly regarded across the world, and studying in a students’ own time allows them the opportunity to learn UK cultures, core subjects, and to immerse themselves in English as a world language.

Ø  This Online school is a passport to entry to UK schools and universities in the future.  We have a dedicated school transition programme, and we take time to really get to know our students and their best interests to be able to select and recommend the most suitable schools to them. Each year, we regularly help over 100 students achieve places at the most prestigious schools in the UK (including Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Westminster, St Paul’s, Charterhouse, Rugby, Shrewsbury, Wycombe Abbey, CLC, Roedean, St Mary’s).

Ø  The programme encourages students to meet and collaborate with students from across the world.

Ø  Our online school offers individual mentoring to our students, a programme of extra-curricular activities and clubs, alongside time to gather as a whole school for guest assemblies and celebrations of achievements. 

British Curriculum& Our typical packages

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