The national curriculum in the UK is constructed in five key stages. Key Stage 3 covers Years 7, 8 and 9 for pupils aged 11 – 14.

Key Stage 3 is a crucial period of study for primary school pupils transitioning to secondary school education. Courses in this stage are more complex and challenging. English, Mathematics and Science are the three core subjects in this stage, but students also need to study the following nine subjects. 



Modern Foreign Languages

Art and Design


Design and Technology

Physical Education (Swimming is compulsory)



In addition, religious studies and sex education are also included in the curriculum.

In the UK, a majority of girls embark on their secondary school education in Year 7, whereas most boys enter secondary school in Year 9. Therefore, independent senior girls’ schools admit their main school population in Year 7, whereas admissions to senior boys’ schools start in Year 9. However, a large number of pupils enter coeducational senior schools at the age of 11.


The 13+ examination is used by Senior Schools as part of their selection process for admissions with a focus on testing pupils’ ability in English, Mathematics, Science, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. Each independent senior school sets its own 13+ exam papers and entrance criteria for international applicants. 

The 13+ Common Entrance Examination is taken by British pupils usually when they are in Year 8. These exam papers are set by Independent Schools Examinations Board. English, Mathematics and Science are the core subjects to be tested. In addition, candidates may also sit papers in French, History, Geography, Spanish, Latin, as well as Theology, Philosophy and Religion.

A large number of UK top-tier Independent Schools give a provisional offer to prospecting candidates when they score well in the 11+ exams. Successfully passing the Common Entrance Examination in Year 8 is usually a condition to secure their offers.

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