Meet our excellent teachers

We believe working with a small team of teachers we select, know, trust is for the best interests of our pupils. Our impressive team of highly experienced tutors offer a very professional and bespoke approach to each student’s learning. We are a very accessible and approachable team of tutors, who make sure every student and family is seen and heard. Our philosophy has always been to hire fewer tutors who we could get to know personally and to allocate more tutoring hours, so that pupils benefit from their richer teaching experiences, as well as their higher commitment. 


Our expertise and track record

With 7 years of exceptional experience in private tutoring, over 1000 families served, we're now able to make a big difference to families for whom coming to UK at early ages is not an option, but learning the best British curriculum and preparing children for the best future is a desire and goal we want to help realise. 

We offer a very professional, accessible and bespoke approach to each student’s learning, from 1:1 teaching or small group (2-6) learning, alongside extra-curricular clubs and guest speakers for the whole school. We offer academic and life mentoring, and foster the 5 C’s of global life readiness: collaboration, communication, creativity, citizenship and critical thinking. Come and see us in action at our taster and virtual school online events.

Teacher representatives


Shaun is a highly experienced and motivating Science teacher and tutor, having spent 11 years teaching Science across UK schools. A passionate linguist who speaks Mandarin, French and English, with additional qualifications in teaching EAL.


Charlotte is a very accomplished and experienced private tutor, having been tutoring for most of the past decade. She graduated from the prestigious Westminster School, completed a BA with 1st class honours and an MA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute.


Zoe has spent the past 8 years teaching History and English across private schools in the UK. She is a highly experienced and caring educator, having a PGCE qualification in Secondary level English. She is also a qualified EAL teacher (EAL).  

Nina Gill

Nina is a passionate and highly experienced English teacher, having spent 4 years as a teacher at LST, and a further 8 years as a private tutor. Her gifts of teaching are combined with her management and operations role at LST, where she oversees the operation of the centre. 

Joseph Hudson

Joseph is an experienced class teacher in secondary schools in the UK. He trained as a Science Teacher through the University of Buckingham, achieving his PGCE. His teaching gifts are obvious, and his expertise in online technology has helped him develop into a brilliant online educator. 

Donna Kristian

Donna is an exceptional tutor in English at Secondary level, having spent 4 years teaching in Hong Kong at the HKCC, and another 8 years tutoring students across the world. Her ability to understand her students, encourage and motivate them is second to none – she really has a flair and passion for their learning, and personal development. 

Gilles Madon

Gilles brings to the Hyde team with him a natural teaching gift alongside a wealth of life experience and abilities. He grew up in Brussels, went on to study Anthropology at University College, London, has a flair for theatre and amateur dramatic productions, fuelled by performing and directing a number of plays recently. 

Kim Newth

Kim is a highly experienced and motivating class teacher and tutor, having spent 13 years teaching English and Math across UK schools. She has a lot of hobbies such as cooking and gardening


Having spent close to 10 years in the UK as a student, I have a deep understanding of its education system and know how to thrive in a British academic environment. I love teaching and enjoy passing on the study skills I have acquired over the years, ensuring my students maximise their exam grades.


I am a happy, professional and dynamic teacher. One of my greatest attributes is my enthusiasm for teaching. My  subject  specialism  (science)  means  that  I  have  developed  a  keen  interest  in  bringing  subjects  to  life through practical activities. I enjoy researching and developing new ways to teach a topic. 


Kalai is a relatively young tutor of Hyde Global Education. She had her bachelor's degree and a master's degree in medicine from Imperial College. Shee graduated from Warrington Girls' High School, the most difficult women's grammar school in Suttonshire, London. A level 3A *, GCSE 12A * . Since 2015, she starts tutoring in mathematics and science for students aged 5-18


Sam has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He also has excellent written and verbal communication skills with both parents and teachers.


I am committed to deeply digging into my mind about what I think about physics, thinking about every physical phenomenon vividly, telling every detail to students clearly, and doing everything possible to make Students fall in love with physics, and only by figuring out the meaning of the physics knowledge they have learned in reality can they really study physics instead of endorsing it.


I’m a big fan of the task-based approach to language learning. In order for students to learn a language, it is vital that their learning is grounded in a context to which they can relate. It is also important to make sure that students are exposed to as much authentic resources as possible, whether that be literature, magazines, music or Youtube videos. 


James is a senior tutor of Hyde Global Education. His subjects include English literature, English language, history, politics, philosophy and others.  He obtained a bachelor's degree in history, philosophy and a master's degree in history from Cambridge University.