The national curriculum in the UK is constructed in five key stages. Key Stage 5 covers Years 12 and 13 for pupils aged 16 – 18. During Key Stage 5, students work towards national qualifications – A-Level or IB.

A-Levels are subject-based qualifications that normally require pupils to study three or four subjects over two years. Many students choose four subjects at the beginning of their Sixth Form education and drop one course in the second year. In general, universities in the UK consider the results of at least 3 A-Level subjects as part of their entry requirements. What A-Level subjects pupils choose to study will directly impact their choice of majors for university education.

Some independent schools offer students 18-month A-Level programmes or one-year pre-university courses.

How to choose your A-Levels?

Tips on choosing A-Level subjects.
1. What subjects are you likely to enjoy and be good at? You are more likely to be driven to succeed if you have a strong interest in your subject and a certain level of knowledge of your course content.
2. Are there particular subjects and grades you may need to attain in order to meet the entry requirements of a university based on your chosen course? If you have a particular career in mind, you may need to choose certain A-Level subjects.
3. If you don’t know what you will want to study at university or what career you will be interested in, what A-Level subjects will open up more university course options and job opportunities?

How can we help you? 

Our A-Level professional tutors have an in-depth knowledge of assessment objectives according to each exam board. Pupils can have all the benefit of one-to-one tutoring and have access to our A-Level course materials. These A-Level courses will focus on topics that are core to your chosen exam board. These courses are designed by our specialist tutors to train your child to achieve success in their A-Level exams and university application. Our team of experienced tutors can offer you tailor-made A-Level courses on English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Economics, Business Studies, Art History, etc.

Based in the UK, our professional tutors are dedicated to providing your child with high-quality teaching. Over the past few years, we have developed a large database of learning materials and practice exam papers. Pupils’ feedback is highly valued and is taken into consideration as a criterion for evaluating our course and the work of our tutors. Our team of tutors undergoes a rigorous ongoing training programme in further advancing their teaching methods and in ensuring that their understanding of the most updated change of policies on A-Level examination is always up to scratch. We have a proven track record of success in assisting students to gain entrance to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, LSE, UCL, etc.

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